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Preparing ourselves for the 21st century...

Since 1990, bold changes were initiated and implemented swiftly to capitalise on changing business conditions.

The Singapore office, which had grown to be the headquarters of our regional business network, changed its name to Chin Leong (CLP) Corporation Pte Ltd and adopted a new corporate logo in 1990 to signify the multi-directional scope of our products and services.

As we celebrated the 50th Golden Anniversary of our business in 1997, our quality management system was also given due recognition with the attainment of the ISO 9002 certification.

We remained alert to opportunities for the profitable diversification of our business, with the establishment of the Leather Chemicals business unit in 1992 and the Waste & Cooling Water Treatment business unit in 2001. Strategic investments has also been made in other areas, such as enzyme chemicals and manufacturing of etchant chemicals used in the photo chemical machining (PCM) process.

In 2002, our diversified portfolio underwent strategic streamlining with the establishment of a new company, CLP International Pte Ltd, to act as an intermediate holding company for the group's core businesses in Singapore and the region.

The story continues...

From its humble beginnings as a sole proprietorship, the total turnover of the CLP group is now in excess of S$l00 million. CLP has remained focused on the need to adapt to the changes in the market place and the latest joint venture with our Spanish partner, Colorantes Industriales S.A., is testimonial to our vision to excel via strategic partnerships.

As the global economy continues to evolve, the next era of growth promises to be no less daunting than the first. However, with a firm commitment to product quality and a proven track record of meeting clients' expectations, CLP is ready for the challenges ahead.


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